About Us

Welcome to the website of Out Of The Box, a non-professional theatre company based in Lincolnshire in the UK. Set up by a small group of actors and directors with a wide range of professional and amateur experience, the company’s aim is to produce high quality, exciting, thought-provoking and entertaining drama.

The key motivation for all Out of the Box members is the love of drama. We have a passion for what we do and spend much of our spare time creating something we can be proud of. Although we don’t get paid, we aim for the same standards as professional companies. However, unlike commercial theatre companies, we have no salaries to pay, so only need to cover the costs of venue hire and royalties. This gives us much more freedom to select plays for their artistic merit, rather than mass commercial appeal. This also gives our audiences the chance to see plays that would not normally be performed in the region.

We use small venues not only to keep our costs down, but because it gives the audience to get close to the actors and feel the energy of the performance. We also use minimal set and props, so that there no distractions from the performance. This stripped-down, intimate approach gives us the chance to create exciting and unique productions that push the actors and the audience to new levels.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our forthcoming productions. If you would like to find out more about us or you want to get involved, then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.


LISA HARVEY is a familiar face on the Lincoln theatre scene, having performed with many of the local companies. She started acting as a teenager, attending Stage Coach Drama School before progressing to a Diploma in Performing Arts at Lincoln College. Lisa also performed with Wicked Lips Theatre Company, NLC and Lincoln Shakespeare Company, as well working at Lincoln Youth Theatre. More recently she has performed with The Phoenix Players, including ‘Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime’ and ‘Alice’, the Amici Touring Theatre Company in ‘Murder in Company’ and CAODS in ‘Fiddler on the Roof’, as well as taking on various roles in Welton Panto Group. As well as acting, Lisa has directed, produced and stage managed productions. She has also performed in several productions for Common Ground Theatre Company, including ‘Cider With Rosie’, ‘Be My Baby’ and ‘Great Expectations’. It was during Common Ground’s production of ‘Hobson’s Choice’ that Lisa met Simon and discussions began about forming a new contemporary theatre company; the result was Out of the Box.

For Out of the Box, Lisa played the female characters in ‘The Blue Room’, produced ‘Me and my Friend’, played Stella in ‘The Audition’, directed ‘Still’, played Maddie in ‘The Lighthouse Waltz’ and played Marilyn in ‘Self Catering’.

SIMON HARVEY A founding member of the company, Simon has many years of theatre experience. He first took to the stage whilst attending North Kesteven School and appeared in several school musicals. Simon was also a member of the Imp Youth Theatre company. During 14 years of military service, Simon was involved with numerous RAF amateur theatre companies, both as an actor and director. Since settling back in Lincolnshire, Simon has appeared as John in Action Community Theatre’s production of David Mamet’s ‘Oleanna’. He directed ‘The Railway Children’ for ACTion, as well as playing Perks the station porter. He appeared as Albert Prosser in Common Ground Theatre Company’s production of ‘Hobson’s Choice’ and Paris in Common Ground’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

For Out of the Box, Simon played the male characters in ‘The Blue Room’, directed ‘Me And My Friend’, directed ‘The Audition’, played David in ‘Still’, directed ‘The Lighthouse Waltz and played Henry in ‘Self Catering’.


JOSE BRUCE – Robin in ‘Me And My Friend’

SASHA DRENNAN – Julia in ‘Me And My Friend’

DAVE ASHER – Bunny in ‘Me And My Friend’

MARTIN NOBLE – Oz in ‘Me And My Friend’

GRACIE WAITE – Lauren in ‘The Audition’

POPPY LEWIS – Auditionee and front of house, ‘The Audition’

SARAH COVILL – Jo in ‘Still’

STEVEN GILLARD – Rob in ‘The Lighthouse Waltz’

NATALIE REED – Lilly in ‘The Lighthouse Waltz’

JAKE STEVENSON – Jack in ‘The Lighthouse Waltz’

TOM HOLLINGWORTH – Clint in ‘Self Catering’

ELLIE PICKERING – Meryl in ‘Self Catering’

LIZ YEE – Bette in ‘Self Catering’


ADAM HOLMAN – Lighting and Sound Technician, ‘The Blue Room’

EMMA TAYLOR – Stage crew, ‘The Blue Room’

ALAN TREVOR – Stage crew, ‘The Blue Room’

DAVE HEWITT – Front of House, ‘The Blue Room’

HELEN FLESHBOURNE – Front of House, ‘The Blue Room’

ASHLEY BALL – Lighting and Sound Technician, ‘Still’

KEVIN GILLINGHAM – Lighting and Sound Technician, ‘The Lighthouse Waltz’

SHELAGH GILLINGHAM – Stage Manager, ‘The Lighthouse Waltz’

KEVIN GILLINGHAM – Lighting and Sound Technician, ‘Self Catering’

SHELAGH GILLINGHAM – Stage Manager, ‘Self Catering’

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