Still, by Steve Lambert


Who are you? I am your deliverance…

Out Of The Box’s next production, Still by Steve Lambert, is a deep psychological thriller that explores lust and desire, anger and betrayal.

David is a man trapped in his mundane treadmill life, following the same tedious routine every day. Then one night, driving home from work, he encounters Jo, a free-spirited woman who thrives on excitement and danger. She detests monotony and “seduces married men for fun”

Taking Jo to his childhood hiding place, David is forced to confront his innermost feelings as Jo offers him the thrills he so desperately seeks. Whatever happens, David knows that his life can never be the same again…

Still is on in the Room Upstairs at Lincoln Drill Hall on 27 and 28 March 2014, starting at 8.00pm. Tickets are £8 and are available from the Drill Hall box office on 01522 873894, or online at