Auditions for The Lighthouse Waltz

Out of the Box Theatre Company presents a new play by local playwright Stephen Gillard. The Lighthouse Waltz is a darkly moving and at times humorous journey through one woman’s attempts to understand the events of her past. Who is Lilly? What happened to her? And, most importantly, who is to blame?

As Lilly recalls the memories of the people closest to her, we are all reminded that perhaps the last person we admit anything to is ourselves.

The Lighthouse Waltz will be performed in the Room Upstairs, Lincoln Drill Hall, 25-27 June 2015.


Lilly (F): Mid 20s to 40s

Rob (M): Mid 20s to 40s – Lilly’s ex-husband.

Maddy (F): Mid 20s to 40s – Lilly’s best friend.

Jack/Doctor (M): Mid 20s to 40s – Doubled up cameo role, boyfriend to Maddy and a Doctor at a hospital.


To be held on Monday 9th February at the Victoria Pub Function Room from 7pm and Wednesday 11th February at the Magna Carta Pub Function Room from 7pm.

If you can not attend either of these dates but still wish to audition please message us or contact Steve on 07765854025 to make separate arrangements.